What the hell is happening to the young people and why there are no more subcultures?

Each new generation must be disqualified by the previous because it necessarily is worse, drag the world to the bottom and has a minimum head-brilliant. You know, that’s part of a whole tradition of many years old. But the youth of today, born for the first time in history with a smartphone between your hands and the Internet in the minds, is so radically different from all the above that doesn’t even seem right to criticize it. It is simply impossible to understand!

In Great.guru decided to check on what the differences are between the young people who from birth were enveloped by the web virtual.

Your world is ruled by hype

If we take the term “hype” a couple of generations ago, we will get the word “fury.” Of course, the anger has always existed. But I was never even close to the burst speed of news from the hype and modern.

Some examples: good advertising today is a picture published successfully on the Internet (just remember the dress blue and white). The current news are the Twitter posts. The bombing of creativity are the YouTube videos. Producers and projects billionaires are no longer functional. The only thing that serves is that able to catch the hype, ride the chaotic wave of high-speed generated by the fierceness of the network.

To be at the top of this wave, the young people must constantly adapt to change. That’s why, before our eyes, grows a generation of people versatile that they can adapt quickly to everything new and to establish new rules of the game as many times as necessary. The well-known specialist in SMM, Nikita Shirobokov wrote an interesting phrase about this topic in your post of reflection on the youth.

“Come Wednesday, and adapt them to your whim. My favorite quote: soon we will face the state institutions. Oh, I would not like to be in the place of these institutions. Are finished”.

Nikita Shirobokov

Don’t mind the school

Segúnl Huffington Post, many employers predict that a large percentage of teenagers will enter the labor market with degrees received online or directly without having finished school.

And all because these guys know exactly what they want and not spend 5 years cutting class of the university in order to receive the coveted diploma that bit will have to do with his real specialty. Will not listen to arguments of the kind: “Wanted, an intellectual should not walk out there without a diploma”. This will lead to the fact that in the near future the college setting traditional will give way to self-education (this includes all kinds of specialized courses).

Do not need their own cars and departments

In recent years, sales of new cars in the united States have been reduced by almost half. The auto companies are seriously thinking how the hell can you sell cars in this damned generation. And economists say that the world had never before seen people as greedy and as these young people.

They are not greedy, it’s just that today the very concept of owning stuff is no longer current. The unfavourable economic situation and the development of wild technologies have led to the fact that young people today are more careful with money and never spend it so freely as they used to do their parents.

All purchases are discussed ahead of time, the prices are scanned in the network and the convenience of any acquisition is put into question: if it is more profitable to rent an apartment than to buy it, it will be rented, and no one cares about the stereotypes (which, incidentally, are also losing the weight that they used to have). If the new smartphone is more cool than a car, to let it go to the devil, the car, wins the smartphone!

Anyone who wants to read more on this topic, we recommend our article “why young people no longer want to buy cars and housing?”.

They are very hard to fool

Before people trusted the authority. We relied on our parents and we relied on our teachers. Today, a teacher average sometimes proves difficult, so to speak, to compete with the student. After all, he can verify any of the information in a tenth of a second and show completely the opposite of what he is saying. Is more, to verify any information received is the motto of young people. You can only deceive you if you meet with a representative particularly slow this generation.

Have thought of clips

The thought is what else has been affected by technology. If the previous generation learned, the modern google. Yes, perhaps that is why the knowledge of the majority of the people is superficial, and your thinking is the modality of the video clips, but they always have the most relevant information. And it is worth noting that work very well with that information, what helps them to cope with the tasks set much more efficiently. And with the fast moving modern world, the end will not be the “older generation” with its “we we memorized!” who will emerge victorious.

They are multi-tasking

Today, teens seem to be a phone with many applications open. You can go down the street and simultaneously search the virtual library of Cambridge information for the school project while listening to a TEDx conference and discuss on Facebook about the new album of a popular DJ of witch house.

Just imagine how these Caesars modern will affect the development of the new century!

No longer have subcultures

Do you realize that all those gothics, punks, and emos with his mere appearance made to the directors of the schools suffered a micro heart attack, have fallen abruptly into oblivion?

The meaning of subcultures in the modern world just disappeared, and there are two main reasons for that:

  • Any subculture of the last century had inherent an idea, a protest, and, sometimes, up to a determined assault. Today already nobody perceives a rebellion through the way you dress. Your appearance does not matter to anyone! Do you want to say or express something? Dilo online. Why do you think they invented Twitter, Instagram and Facebook?
  • What is noticeable this time is the variety. Today a teen can dance Lil Pump mixed with techno, crying while doing a tattoo listening to Linkin Park, and then take the underground to go to a conference on the history of robotics in the second half of 2000 with the exotic Afrohouse in the headphones. Since it is not necessary to choose, there are that make the most of everything that surrounds us.

What we have at the end? A crowd of young people open to everything new, that you don’t look at the stereotypes, which are pragmatic, are developed to the dizzying speed of hype and have thought of clips. What they drag the world down to the bottom?

In Great.guru we are convinced of the opposite.

What will you do? Do the young people around you confirm our words?

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