What is found inside the passports of the inhabitants of different countries (Spoiler alert: you will want to move to Canada)

Before, the passports were completely simple libretitas that were used for seals and stamps. Today, the international passport is not a simple document that allows you to travel around the world, but a true work of art.

Great.guru saw hundreds of passports and chose the most creative and with more style in all over the world.

1. Philippines

On the first page of the new passport is a huge representation of the bright wings of a cockatoo and the eagle of the philippines. In the pages for visas are the main attractions of the country: Mount Mayón, panorama of Manila and the famous rice terraces.

2. Finland

The passport Finnish is truly unique. This is done under the principle of a flip-book. When you change pages, the image of a moose in the bottom right corner comes to life and it seems as if it ran for the passport. Inside the passport are represented other animals that inhabit the territory of the country, and the natural design is completed spectacularly with four snowflakes embossed on the front cover of the document.

3. China

In the pages of the passport chinese can be found in famous locations in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and the Island of Taiwan. Also, on each page, under ultraviolet light, are images of architectural monuments and outstanding natural landscapes.

4. Sweden

The scandinavians, apparently, know that which the others are unaware of when it is a stylish design. The Swedish passport is full of stunning pictures with amazing panoramas of the cities and their surroundings. And under an ultraviolet light, the pages look even more spectacular.

5. Norway

The passport Norwegian is similar to the masterpiece of a artist, minimalist. In the pages of its interior show natural landscapes of the country: simply lines and shades blue-green, grey and orange. The illustrations are good even with a lighting ordinary, but they really come to life under ultraviolet light: the colors darken and the aurora borealis is manifested as flashes dazzling in the night sky.

6. Canada

The new canadian passport looks completely ordinary in the light of the day. Everything changes under the uv light. The pages become bright illustrations of emblematic places for the country, events, and symbols: from Niagara Falls to the colorful leaves of maple.

7. Liechtenstein

The principality of Liechtenstein is a small state in western Europe, which not always can be quickly locate on the map. It is No coincidence that on the first page of the passport has been placed, especially a map with the exact location of the location and the border demarcated in the country.

8. Australia

In the passport of the australian you can find spectacular images of their lives. Here reside together harmoniously representations of kangaroos and lifeguards on the beach, camel racing, and platypus.

This photo is for those who have been curious to know how you see a chip in the passport, which contains your biometric data, photographs and other personal information.

9. Spain

The Spanish passport can be considered the most interesting of all. On each page were represented as different animals and show their migration routes.

10. Ireland

The passport irish is a true tribute to the music, the architecture and the natural beauty of the Emerald Isle. In its internal pages are illustrations of the Cliffs of Moher and the well-known river Liffey in Dublin, and also other attractions of the country, woven with ornaments celts ancient.

11. Uk

The new british passport was issued at the end of 2015, glorify the creations of famous mathematicians, inventors, architects and artists born in the United Kingdom.

12. United States

The U.S. passport is filled with beautiful illustrations of classic landscapes on american combined along with inspiring quotations from american leaders.

13. New Zealand

The kiwis, as the locals call themselves, were the greatest travellers of the world, so it is not surprising that they have created a passport of which you can be completely proud of. Ferns silver decorate the cover behind which hide the natural beauty of New Zealand.

14. Switzerland

The creators of the swiss passport decided to depart from the precepts of the world, and instead of a cover standard dark with the coat of arms of his country, chose a modern, minimalist design with an unusual off-center alignment of the text. The simple patterns of the text in the internal pages of the passport make him look stylish.

15. Trinidad and Tobago

The island State in the southern part of the Caribbean sea, located near the coast of Venezuela, not only impresses with its beautiful landscapes, but also with your passport. It seems as if he’s going to burst fireworks of bright colors under ultraviolet light.


By seeing this picture, you surely will be surprised. But we regret to tell you that this is only a simple job of a designer, although we have to say it looks just as amazing that the other passports displayed in our collection.

If you had the possibility of having a passport additional, what the what nationality would you choose?

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