What do the letters in the names of all the iPhone

This year they have presented the new iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr, phones that have attracted much attention not only for its features or design, but by their names, since this is the first time that Apple uses the name “Max” on an iPhone, and not to mention of the mysterious “R” iPhone “economic”.

However, Apple does not normally share a lot of information about what is the meaning of each letter in the names of the iPhone, for example, the S who have had many models, or the “C” of the iPhone 5C, well, here we will tell you what this has meant each of the letters of the models of Apple, as not all mean the same thing.

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iPhone 3GS

It all started with the iPhone 3GS, which was released on June 19, 2009, and which was named by one of the main novelties in comparison with the iPhone 3 was the download speed in mobile networks, which was up to two times faster. For this reason the S in the iPhone 3GS means “Speed” or speed.

iPhone 4S

With the second version of the iPhone 4 became to appear the “S”, but this time it was not for its speed, which is why many thought that the letter meant “Superior”, however, we’re forgetting the feature highlight of this model as it was with Siri, the first virtual assistant on a smartphone.

For this reason the “S” in iPhone 4S means “Siri” and not above or supreme, as some came to believe in their moment.

iPhone 5S

For the year 2013, Apple introduced its new iPhone, the 5S, and again was the question, what meant the S? Well, this time the people was not surprised by the display, design or camera, but the prominence has brought the new technology of the company from Cupertino known as Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor.

Why, then, was not called iPhone 5? Well, it seems that Apple wanted to stick with the “S”, and for this reason this letter means “Security” or safety.

iPhone SC

You could say that this was the first iPhone economic, and it was a phone made of plastic, so that the C could mean two things; “Cheap” (cheap), or “Colors” because it was the first to be launched in various colors like blue, yellow, coral, etc


iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

The first phone of a large Apple, premiered at the 2015 with the iPhone 6S Plus, the first time that the company was launching two different versions of an iPhone from the same family, that in this case the Plus was not simply because it was bigger, but because it was even better in some features.

But what they had in common both iPhone, well, because everything indicates that the S of these models was a reference to “Speed” or speed, just as they did with the iPhone 3S. Although this speed refers to the processor, as the company boasted of having one of the best processors on the market, which at that time was the A9.


After having iPhone of large size, turned to the market for an iPhone that reminded us quite a bit to the iPhone 4, not only by design but also by the size, and hence was born the iPhone.

The iPhone 2, Apple would have been cancelled at the last minute

The letters “IS” have no other meaning than that of “Special Edition” or Special Edition, because there was a second version and the phone has already been discontinued (but not marked as deprecated), so now is a team that surely will have a special value for collectors.

iPhone X

Although all call it the iPhone X, in reality it is pronounced iPhone 10, and the “X” is actually the number 10 in roman, because this phone marked the 10 years of the launch of the first iPhone.

iPhone XS and XS Max

Why was not iPhoen Xs Plus? The reason is because both of the iPhone are identical in features, so one is not more that another, reason why they could not call it Plus, that makes reference to “more”, but as itself is larger, it is thought that a good suffix would be Max, that makes reference to a larger size.

With respect to the “S”, it is assumed that this refers to their screen, “Super Retina”, which boasts of being one of the best on the market thanks to the Super AMOLED technology of Samsung and the calibration of Apple.

iPhone XR

It is difficult to find a logical relationship to the R, but one theory mentions that refers to the Retina display, even though in reality Apple was baptized this technology as Liquid Retina, so in theory should be iPhone L.

Other theories mentioned that it could be for “Redux” or “Rational”, but do not have much logic.

It is important to mention that Apple usually does not confirm the why of the names of the iPhone, but it’s fun to find what means each letter in its nomenclature.

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