What are the profiles shadow of Facebook? They have your info if you do not have account

The issue Facebook is like the rabbit hole: ever more profound. Now new information about methods of the company Mark Zuckerberg to hijack of personal data of users of the Internet although don’t have an account to your social network, here from arise and is not very comforting.

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There are so-called profiles shadow of Facebook that collect personal information without your consent, even when you do not have an account on this social network.

With all the mess of the platform of the last days, the platform acknowledged that it collects information from people who do not have a profile, ranging from details such as your e-mail, cell phone, age, to your place of residence.

And how is that possible? This is done through applications and pages that at the time you request access to your information, you can also get data from their friends and contacts, for example, if a user of Facebook, it synchronizes its phonebook with the application, immediately the social network will take information from those friends.

“We collect the content and information that other people provide when they use our Services and which can include information about yourself, for example when someone shares a photo of you, sends you a message, or upload, sync or import your contact information”, you can read in the notice of Facebook.

This is the profile shadow of Facebook

In order to know your profile shadow it is necessary to enter the site of Facebook from a desktop computer and follow this path:

  • On the home page there is a section that says “Help”, click there.
  • Then comes to “Access your information”.
  • Select the option “I don’t have an account but I want to ask for access to all my personal data stored by Facebook”.
  • Later you will have to fill out a form and Facebook will send you the information that you have about yourself.

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