What are the smartphones in premium range?

While brands such as Xiaomi or Huawei are re-defining the prices that they must have the equipment of high range, other firms such as Samsung or Apple are betting on a range known as the smartphones in premium range.

What are the smartphones in premium range?

Let’s start by defining what is a phone high end, these high-end phones are those that have the top features, that is to say, they arrive with the latest in the market, and normally tend to be outstanding in the section of the performance, camera, screen, and autonomy, while other times they fail in any of these sections, but they are very punctual.

How to differentiate a phone of high end of a mid-range

The high-end equipment typically cost between 15 thousand and 20 thousand pesos, that is the price range in which we usually find this type of device, and even though I am not in agreement that a range is defined exclusively by the price, it is here where it enters the premium range, which must comply with two elements of a differential; to be a phone of high range, and have a price above 20 thousand pesos, but this could have been a third differential element which I will explain later.

What is the difference between a high range and a premium range?

Well, the answer is the price, which in turn generates status, that is, the machines of the premium range they give status to their owners, or at least that is what we believe in a social way. And while before the only team that could be considered a phone from the premium range was the iPhone, now in that category comes Samsung, and in fact, Huawei is also with models like the Porsche Design, but it is likely that the Mate 20 Pro is the first computer popular of the firm that fall into this category.

This means that a mid-range phone that suddenly manufactured in gold and cost 30 mil pesos not return a phone premium range, thus will be a mid-range phone made of gold cost is high, but up there.

The question is, what if, for example, Xiaomi to soon release a version of My 8 that has a higher price to 25 thousand pesos, it would then become a smartphone of premium range? Technically yes, because it is a phone of high range with a price above 20 thousand pesos, but the reality is that no, there will be a team of premium range.

Why? Because it would not be a phone that generate status, as do the iPhone XS or the Galaxy Note, and to do this you need more than a model of high price with specs top.

The value of the brand

The value of a brand isn’t built overnight, and you can’t suddenly sell in the market for a phone of 30 thousand pesos that could well cost you 18 thousand, to do this you must raise the value of your brand, generate quality products and then give you status these products.

Apple takes a lot of time doing it, therefore can afford to sell phones for prices close to those 40 thousand pesos, Samsung has earned their place and little by little it is doing, the clear example of this is the value of the Note 9, the first telephone of the firm in Mexico has a value close to 30 thousand pesos, this being a more expensive model the most successful at the global level.

How much it costs Apple to manufacture the iPhone XS Max?

As I mentioned, Huawei has a line of phones very exclusive, are the premium range because they involve another mark of status as is Porsche, but the chinese firm is close to being able to launch their first phones of the line P or Matte as part of the premium range, Huawei has worked for that and in any time what you will achieve.

This does not mean that your other computers will cost more, but for that you have created the sub-brand Honor, in addition that will continue betting for phones like Nova 3, which are smartphones high end with prices that are “accessible” that they did not even to 13 thousand pesos.

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