What are they and what will serve the labels of WhatsApp?

Surprisingly, and without making much noise he has discovered a new feature that appears that it will reach very soon to WhatsApp, and I say this because the function has not been leaked or rumored, but that already appears in the section of frequently asked Questions, or FAQ, where you give details of this function.

It is the Labels, a feature that is not common in instant messaging apps, but WhatsApp wants to implement so that users can organize in a better way both chats as messages.

As mentioned the site, we can create up to 20 tags of different colours for chats and messages, and we will be able to edit them and to insert the name with which we want to identify the label.

For example, if in chat of your friends where you have a repertoire of memes very important, and you want to identify only the memes that deal with the World, then you create a tag in that message, put the name and ready, and the same can be done with future messages.

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This way, when you want to find the best memes of the World, then you just have to find the name of the tag “Momazos of the World” and ready, you will find all the messages with this label.

To create a tag we should push a message or chat, press the option “Tags” and add the name to the label.

In the case that you want to search for a label, we just have to go to the magnifying glass, located in the section chats in the upper right, place the sign # and then the name of the tag.

We can also edit the tags, delete messages from the tags or change their name, all from the option Menu, which is located in the top right of the screen in the application.

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This function is not yet available, but it seems that it will not be long in coming, and will surely do for any user (not just the beta) due to the fact that the company has placed this function in your FAQ’s, talk of its imminent launch.

What you like this feature to be released soon in WhatsApp?

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