What will happen with Google Play Music and all the music that I went up now that there is YouTube Music?

It is inevitable, the future of music streaming for Google called YouTube Music, Google Play Music was and will remain an interesting product, but with YouTube Music is expected a revolution, a service that plante face the two opponents more and more popular and used on the market such as Apple Music and Spotify.

YouTube Music has begun its rollout this week, the reality is that very few users have been able to try this service, as Google told us that start only 1% of the entire customer base of the Google Play Music could use it, however, with the passage of time most users will have access, as it is scheduled for June 18, all of the clients of Play Music already to be able to enjoy YouTube Music.

We already explained all the benefits of YouTube Music as the price, free version, family plans and other details in the note that I leave below, but what we had not said anything, and that more than one had a doubt was about the music that they had uploaded or stored in Google Play Music, which as you know, allows you to upload up to 50 thousand songs in our music library that is not in the platform or that we have purchased in other stores.

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Well, Google has already confirmed that the songs that we’ve uploaded to Google Play Music will be available on YouTube Music, at least so indicates in a press release that it has sent the company, as well as in your blog, product, YouTube Music.

However, it has been T. Jay Fowler, Manager of experience of YouTube, who has made clear that YouTube Music will feature the best features of Google Play Music in the future, that is to say, it confirms that the songs uploaded to Google Play Music will be there, in addition to that we will be able to continue to upload songs to the platform, surely keeping the limit of 50 thousand files per user.

However, this change will not be as fast, that is to say, the functions of Google Play Music will arrive at YouTube Music little by little, because of time Play Music will continue to function without problem, and will be in 2019, when Google plans to make the migration of all of its users to YouTube Music, so that it could be that the next year will be when Google Play Music will die definitely.

On the other hand, Elias Roman, Product Manager of YouTube and Google Play Music has mentioned that part of being able to upload our music to YouTube Music, the songs you purchase in the Google Play Store will be added directly to the new music service from YouTube.

YouTube Music has a great potential, that once you adopt the features of Google Play Music will be a great competitor to Apple Music and Spotify, but will have to see how good is the experience of the service once it is available to all.

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