What?! What Tony Stark is the son of an alien?!

Tony Stark will be without a doubt the key character in the denouement of the multifranquicia of Avengers in the movie of the next year. Since the first delivery, he always has moments that are forward-looking or retrospective of what happens, and theories about what will happen in the sequel Infinity War with the genius billionaire abound.

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But, did you know that Tony Stark could be a descendant of an alien? According to one expert, it is. And we wonder if that has to do with the visions that he had in “Age of Ultron” or if it has to do with the fact that Thanos already knew the alter ego of Iron Man. We analyze the case:

The data: what Iron Man is alien?

In 2013 they published the comic book “Iron Man #17: The Real Secret Origin of Tony Stark”, one of the printed editions of Marvel revealing that the playboy of Stark Industries was not in reality the son of Howard and Maria Stark, because they could not conceive children.

Up here we just know that Tony is not a child of the Stark, but where do we get that is to work together? According to the site Vix.com, one of the researchers most recognized on this character it says: “Tony Stark was created from the DNA of alien. Tony’s parents, Howard and Maria Stark, they could not conceive, so they went to Las Vegas and found an Alien that helped. Basically, they modified the creation of Tony in the process (to enhance their latent abilities). This baby hybrid alien then became Tony Stark, and that was the reason that Tony is “cursed with knowledge”, as he said himself Thanos”.

This data aligns with several discussions in forums in which it is ensured that only Tony Stark and Star Lord can resist the power of the Gems of the Infinite by its composition genetic. About Star Lord we were able to check them in the first two installments of Guardians of the Galaxy; the carrier of Iron Man, would be seen.

In the comic of October 2013 is the same Tony who discovers her true origin to tie up loose ends on his family. Even know your brother, Arno Stark, the only legitimate son of Howard Stark.

It is also not the first time that it was revealed that poor Tony is not a child of the Stark. In “Invincible Iron Man #600” not only reveals the data, but it is set that the mother of Iron Man is Amanda Armstrong, a popular rock star who is recruited by SHIELD as an undercover agent.

Our theory for Avengers 4

We have already spoken about why Thanos already knew Tony Stark in Infinity War. Theories abound, but what if it were because of its extraterrestrial origin? That would give a lot of sense to several of the sequences that we have seen in the Movie Universe of Marvel (MCU) and could be an exit to the conundrum of how to end The Titan Crazy.

It might also explain why Tony gets to have a vision of the future “Was Ultrón”. The fact is that for Avengers 4 without a doubt the character who embodies Robert Downey Jr. We have something special in store and will be the key to the outcome most anticipated of the decade.

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