Do you want to know the real cost of the 12 most popular products in the world? After reading this article, you will think twice before buying them

How many times have you asked yourself how fair is the profit margin of the retailers? Those numbers, in this case, would be the difference between the cost of the merchandise and its selling price. It is very possible that you have already purchased something with an increase of over 400% without even knowing it. Here you can see the list of products with a profit margin too high; in this way, the next time you go shopping think twice before buying one of these items.

Normally, some expenses (such as, for example, the cost of production, taxes and tariffs) influence the margin. And, of course, the sale of something should bring profit to the same producer and the seller. However, the prices that we see in stores are not always fair.

In were very surprised (and even a little angry) to learn that the following 12 goods cost a lot more than they should.

iPhone X

Despite the fact that Apple does not reveal their production costs, the researchers of IHS Markit estimated that, to make an iPhone X 64 Gb, it invests an amount of 370,25 USD. The sale price of this device is from 1000 USD onwards, which means that the margin, in this case, it would be 170%.


De Beers, the multinational company that deals with the extraction, processing and sale of natural diamonds, made an excellent advertising campaign. The results of the same we are looking up to the sun today. It was that company that convinced people that there would be no commitment if you do not regalabas a diamond ring to your fiancée. As a result, increased both the demand for the product as the price of the precious stone. Today, the profit margin of this area is 100%.

Wedding dress

The price of a wedding gown, on average, is 3.9-fold greater at the one white that is not considered as a nuptial garment. The level of the margin may vary depending on the brand and/or seller, but is in the range of 100 to 600%.


We are already accustomed to the price of popcorn at the cinema is much higher than in a store. But who of us has been to think that the margin exceeds several times the cost of the same product? Some studies point out that the cinemas handle a range average of 1275% on this merchandise.

Bottled water

The price of a bottle of water is 300 times greater than the cost of the faucet. And, in most cases, we receive the same water, but filtered and purified. Even taking into account these costs, the margin is still too high.

HDMI Cables

Tvs and game consoles are too expensive to buy very often, so don’t bring in very high profits at the electronics stores. For this same reason, the sellers increase the prices of the goods which is as small as, for example, HDMI cables. As a result, the price increases about 10 times.


The margin added to the mattresses can vary between 100 and 900%. One of the reasons for this increase is that people do not buy this product very often, maybe a couple of times during the entire life, and only renew when there is an urgent need. According to a study from the National Sleep Foundation, 67% of americans bought their mattress more than 2 years ago.

Ink cartridges for printers

The companies producing printers inexpensive compensate for low profits with the high margin on their cartridge. Sometimes, they rise up to 10 times, the justification of costs in research and development. According to some studies, the ink comes up more expensive than gasoline, or even alcohol expensive.

Text messages

The cost real of a text message is 0.003 USD. Some studies point out that the sending of 1 Gb of messages is more expensive than sending 1 Gb of data from the station of NASA that studying the Mars.


A normal margin for a birthday card, or any other reason, ranges between 50 and 100%. Despite the digital age in which we live, they do not lose their popularity, and only in the united States are sold 7 billion cards a year.

Coca Cola

The production cost of a can of Coca-Cola 355 ml is 0.15 USD, and we sell it at 1 USD approximately. That is to say, to the time that any of us buy it, its price grows by 12.5 times.

And nothing more, so you know, there are cans of coca so rare and closed, they do not bring the most famous drink in the world by production error. There is record of one of these cans that was sold at 250 thousand USD.

Salad of vegetables or fruits

Who has not purchased this type of vegetable or fruit for a snack healthy at the office? Now you will know the profit margin of this product can vary between 55 to 370%.

Now, after reading this article, can you tell us in the comments what products you would continue buying even knowing what profit margin you are placing.

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