Do you want to know if a person is in love with you? Pay attention to the oddities that occur with your body and your psyche

It turned out that the love not only manifests itself with a feeling of euphoria and butterflies in the stomach, but, in general, has a very strong influence on our body: from the flushing and sweating, uncontrolled, until the hormonal changes and psychological and deep. The external manifestations are sometimes so obvious that it can betray the love, even if he intended to look completely disinterested.

In we believe that a man forewarned is worth two. After meeting a nice person, you can not realize your feelings immediately, but the physical symptoms they’re going to be screaming to the four winds about what happens. And, on the contrary, after having studied these shades, you’ll be able to understand approximately what emotions he feels for you and the other person.

7. A hormonal imbalance

Scientists have long-established that the cause of the strong feelings is a certain set of hormones. When that happens, a release of all of them in the body, a person begins to experience love and passion, apart from that, you can’t completely control. However, men and women face different symptoms of infatuation.

At the beginning, your preferences, emotional and sexual match: in men, oxytocin is actively produced, which makes them more romantic, tender and attentive, while the women have testosterone, which explains an increase of sexual arousal and more strength. But later, unfortunately, the nature balances everything and is back to normal, so that after a time the hormones fall in order, the women receive little attention, and the men — a few caresses.

6. Alteration of the voice

The changes in the body do not stop even after that it leaves behind the stage of “burning love”. For example, there is a change of the voice. According to a study, in a conversation with their beloved men, the voice of women becomes inadvertently more acute and more mild. At the same time, in another study, researchers found that women can manipulate consciously their voice, make it deeper and more vibrant, to make it look more attractive.

But the secret is that men subconsciously prefer and are attracted to women who speak with the voice sharp, “female”, because they instinctively defined a woman as well as a loving woman, soft and suitable for a long-term relationship. While a deep voice excites only on the physical level, as that tells more about the sexual interest.

5. Blush uncontrollable

The guy or girl of your dreams enters a room, gives a brief loving smile, and passes to the side. There has been almost nothing, but already feel the blush appear on your cheeks, that you can not control.

Modern psychologists have discovered that the blush is even useful, and reveals to a person from the best side. According to one theory, this is a natural reaction to the fact that we were discovered. Psychologist Ray Crozier, after interviewing many respondents, concluded that most of the times this happens when there is the danger of revealing personal information, and not only in uncomfortable situations. That is to say, it is a physiological reaction to the fear of public disclosure of any secret. How evokes this sympathy? It’s simple: one side was in those cases makes it clear to others that you want to avoid the unnecessary attention, that’s why we see more modest and less narcissistic. And if you think that the blush can not be imitated, then it is easy to conclude that this is one of the few signs of honesty, that is beyond any suspicion.

4. The bones of the men become stronger

Good news for men. A study from the University of California in Los Angeles showed that the men who have stable relationships or marriage (especially after 25 years) have a greater strength of the bones. But only on one condition: if the relationship or the marriage is happy, and the woman in these relationships is sensitive and supportive. During the tests it became clear that, if the girl was not tender and loving, there was no such feature in the body of your man.

3. Dilation of pupils

The eyes play a very important role in the process of flirting, and their changes and movements are one of the signals more accurate that convey the state of mind in the process of the communication of the lovers.

Science has already shown that the expansion of the pupil depends not only lighting, but also of the emotional arousal. They may even be 4 times larger than in its normal state. That is why the people in a couple often look so straight in the eyes; they just unconsciously expect to see this change, to confirm that the person opposite you has feelings and positive emotions.

2. Condition of morbidity

Confusion, nervousness, constant mood swings, loss of appetite and general malaise are also the consequences of the physical infatuation in its early stages. That is to say, the body makes it clear that you have reached the feelings, really strong, and it is not only a simple interest that does not cause such suffering.

One of the reasons of such manifestations can be the stress hormone, cortisol, which begins to lead an active life in the body when a person falls in love, because this is a lot of stress and a sea of emotions. For example, it is known that because of this, the blood vessels in the stomach may shrink, which may cause nausea. As a rule, all these unpleasant symptoms pass with time, when the relationship becomes more stable and there is less uncertainties. But sometimes they can still come back, during the wedding, or when something is not going well in a relationship.

1. Superpowers or “force conversion”

You’ve probably heard stories about how in emergency situations people did the impossible: how a mother lifted a car, under which he was trapped his son, with his own hands, or those same children suddenly showed an ingenuity enviable to avoid a hazard.

The case is that the combination of deep love and great fear, sometimes, we literally rewards you with superpowers. And it happens not only with parents but also with the people very much in love with. And one must thank for this the active development of the oxytocin that occurs during the stage of infatuation, which increases tolerance to physical pain. That is why people who experience this wonderful feeling and strong, often it seems that, at a certain moment, you can download a star in the sky, move mountains and put the entire world at the feet of a loved one.

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