Ranking of countries in the more collapsed the traffic to Pornhub during the World cup of Russia 2018

In the World Cup by the traffic on the Internet, football and pornography, then, without doubt, one of the parties most at odds, but only one could win, and these would be the football. Pornhub has just released a report with information about the crash of his traffic during the matches of the World cup of Russia 2018, and the information is eye-opening.

Soar searches of Avengers and Star Wars on PornHub

According to the report generated by Pornhub Insights, the blog data created by the platform for american adults, on average, the traffic in the 32 countries that played the World Cup of FIFA was plunged 25%. In some nations, up to 50%.

The report of Pornhub includes a ranking of countries that most stopped visiting his site during the meetings of their selections. Mexico is located in the 23ra. position with a plunge of 24%. The first place is occupied by Senegal, with a fall of 47%, followed by Iran, Iceland, Croatia and Morocco as the true nationalists of the football. While Australia did not allow the world’s most popular sport would interfere with intimate time with just a 5% off.

Pornhub Insights also made a ranking of the parties in the phase of knockout that more and more users have been disconnected at the global level and the Brazil vs. Mexico, which ended by eliminating the Mexican national team at this stage of the World cup for the seventh time in a row, stayed in the mid-table. The shock that most captivated the attention of the users of Pornhub was the Portugal vs. Uruguay.

By way of justification, Pornhub published a picture in which he shows that guidance brutal traffic to the football-it was a behavior generalizad with an increase of 113% of searches on the Internet related to football or soccer since the start of Russia 2018, the last 14 of June.

How do you go to Pornhub with the grand final this Sunday? #QuéNervios

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