Raspbian: is the operating system that will catapult Linux?

Linux is an operating system that already takes years between us but that, for some reason, do not end up being a system that people want to use in general. We must recognize that the inertia of Windows is very strong, that is to say, the people who started with Windows does not plan to change to another operating system. On the other hand, Mac OS is Unix and you would not see very logical that Apple users decide to use Linux.

It seems that Fuchsia OS itself will be the replacement of Android in 2023

However, in recent years, Raspbian, the operating system used by computers Raspberry Pi, could be the catalyst for Linux to have more presence. The reason is that Raspbian (a modified version of Debian), is designed for children.

There are many distributions of Linux: Ubuntu, Redhat, Fedora, etc., and all of them say that have been designed to be easy to use. The Foundation Pi, creator of the Raspberry Pi, has made a considerable effort to see that Linux is not so difficult and could well be used with the same ease as Windows or Mac OS. For this reason, their cards (computers), looking to the education market as its primary objective, and this involves dealing with children, in their first level of access to the computer.

Considering the objectives of the Pi, Raspbian should be easy to use really. Even so, there is a way to go. However, Raspbian has been added a “setup wizard” for that installation problems are a thing of the past. This new setup allows you to set country, language, time zones, passwords, and the connection with WiFi. In addition, it has a new graphical application that displays and installs the software “recommended”.

All the improvements are already in the new files with the binaries for Raspbian to use them in the card Pi. It is however to say that you have an x86 version for those who want it to be this “distro” of Linux to your PC.

This implies that with Raspbian you could begin to generate momentum for people to try it on your computer as the operating system alternate. In addition, if a guy has used Raspbian in your school, it is likely that when you get to be your own team wants to also install Raspbian. Thus, at least in this speculation, the amount of Linux users might begin to increase and eventually become an operating system that already competes with the user’s desktop or laptop.

Now, what there is of a Raspbian for tablets? Perhaps that yes it would be an interesting alternative to iOS or Android… Sounds like that Raspbian may be taking the world of operating systems by storm.

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