Razer Phone 2: What improvements it offers against the first generation

Yesterday Razer officially introduced the second generation of its smartphone gaming known as Razer Phone, a computer that continues to maintain a conservative design, but well balanced, and it is that Razer has improved certain aspects in this new generation, leaving behind what has worked in the Razer Phone, and adding details that the users were waiting on this phone.

What improvements there are between the Razer Phone 2 and the Razer Phone?

Let’s start with the specifications, and it is obviously that there are new developments, especially in the processor, body, and cameras, and here are the technical specs of both computers.

As you can see there are not many changes, and perhaps the difference most marked is in the visual aspect with the arrangement of the cameras, and materials of construction, as the new Razer Phone 2 has a body of glass, and the logo of the brand now features LED backlighting, which gives it a touch of gaming to the computer.

When you have a body of glass we also have wireless charging, even Razer has launched its own charging base with LED lights, but is also compatible with other wireless charging that allow for this type of technology using the Qi standard.

The change of processor was also evident, a Snapdragon 835 we went to a 845, which is obviously more powerful and fast, besides that we will also have the new GPU Adreno 630.

The main difference in the cameras is that we now have OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation), because the other features are maintained, however, Razer has mentioned that the image processing will be much better in this new model, so that we will have better pictures in this second generation, although it is not really a phone that is designed for it, since your strength is the power.

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The battery, touch response, and connections remain the same, although we will now have Bluetooth 5.0.

Price and availability

The brand wants to expand to other markets, but for the moment, there are no details about his arrival in Mexico, however, the price has increased to $ 100, for the processor, crystal glass body and other new technologies require an increase in price, however, remains as an interesting option, and for many Razer will continue to be the king of phones gaming on the market, although it remains to be seen what will provide Huawei with its Matte-20 X.

The price of the Razer Phone 2 it will be 799 USD, the exchange rate would be 15,200 USD approximately.

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