Collect 15 data on standard products that will surprise even the culinary experts more experienced

The kitchen has an ancient history. The soup that you have on the shelf in the fridge is a descendant of the primitive broth that makes more than 20 thousand years is prepared from the skins of animals. In this article, we will discuss the use of unexpected and, at times, unsure of the most common products in our life. warns: just think of your favorite dish, you increase the release of the hormone dopamine. Therefore, reading the article can cause an unexpected attack of happiness and satisfaction with life.

1. You can get diamonds from peanut butter

Scientists have created diamonds from peanut butter. But don’t be in a hurry to go to the kitchen for a jar of your favorite treat: repeat the experiment at home is impossible. Only by creating an enormous pressure (greater than that in the center of the Earth), you can convert the butter into a precious stone.

2. In Europe, in the SIXTEENTH century, the lovers of the tomatoes were considered to be witches

If you have tomatoes at home, then you are a witch. And, as all the members of this honorable profession, you dream to become a werewolf. This was the way of thinking in SIXTEENTH-century Europe. According to the legends, to fly, the sorceresses engrasaban their brooms with ointment of mandrake. And given that the tomato is very similar to the fruits of this plant, was also forbidden.

3. The sausage is the oldest of the texts of the Bible

The salami and the sausages are older than the Bible. While the first texts of the Old Testament were written in the centuries VIII-VII.C., this sandwich was prepared for the last 4 thousand years ago by the ancient sumerians. Subsequently, these meat products were popular among the ancient greeks and romans. The mention of blood sausage can be found in the “Odyssey” of Homer, and the ancient Greek poet Epiharm, who lived in the centuries VI-V to.C., he wrote a whole comedy about the “Sausage”.

4. In Bologna, do not eat spaghetti bolognese

In Bologna don’t eat spaghetti bolognese. You will not be able to try them in Italy. Instead, the restaurants will offer tagliatelle (flat noodles and widths), which are served only with meat sauce Bolognese.

Lately, the italians prepare their favorite salsa with fish, vegetables, and even tofu (soy cheese). But any recipe that necessarily contains tomatoes, thanks to which this companion takes on its flavor and color to traditional.

5. Dynamite is made with peanut oil

The use of peanut oil can be dangerous. It is used not only in cosmetics, cooking and manufacturing of diamonds. The oil extracted from these pulses (it is wrong to declare peanuts as nuts, as they are a representative of the family of legumes), it is also used to produce nitroglycerin, which is the basis of dynamite.

6. Strawberries, apples and roses are relatives

The apple, the plum, the apricot, the peach, the quince and the pear, as well as the raspberries, the cherries, the morello cherries and the strawberries are related to roses, as they belong to the family of rosaceae, which includes a wide variety of different plants: herbs, shrubs, and trees. This large group is very common in our planet: just talking about apples, in 2012 there were over 76 million tonnes of this fruit.

7. Almonds are not nuts

Almonds are not nuts, but seeds of the plant that has the same name, which also belongs to the family of the rosaceous. The fruit of the almond tree is inedible and, sometimes, contains two nuclei at the same time. In the kitchen, only it uses a variety of almonds: the sweet. However, there are also bitter, whose kernels are shorter and wider. The latter contain a large amount of cyanide. If a child eats 5-10 seeds of these almonds, you can die.

8. The first tomato sauce was sold as a medicine

The tomato sauce was launched as a medicine. Until the 30s of the XIX century, it was believed that these fruits were poisonous. The marinades are prepared based on fish, mushrooms, meat products, and even oysters. But at the beginning of the decade of 1830, Dr. John Cook Bennett announced that tomatoes were very good for the treatment of diarrhea. This false information caused the growth of the sales of the “product doctor” and became the reason of the popularity of this sauce.

9. The human has fewer genes than rice and corn

Although it sounds insulting, wheat breads and corn flakes have more genes than a man. A person, by the number of genes in the genome (20 700), is slightly ahead of the worms (19 000). However, we cannot compete in quantity of our breakfast: the genomes of wheat and rice contain 25 thousand genes more than us.

Fortunately for all humanity, what is important is not the quantity, but the complexity of the chain that makes up the genes.

10. The nut of India is the seed of the tree with the same name

Like the almonds, the walnuts of India are in fact not that. What we are accustomed to call in this way, they are actually seeds. Calls apples of walnuts from India (yellow fruits, and red, which have the shape of a pear) are, in fact, an expanded portion of the stem. Are edible, have a flavor and aroma-rich and sweet. The real fruits are in the form of a punching bag, and they grow just below the apple. Contain seeds of the nut of India.

11. Strawberries and raspberries are not berries

What we are used to call the berries, from the scientific point of view, it is not always that. But the tomatoes, peppers, oranges, eggplant, bananas, grapes and kiwi are. To be considered a berry, the fruit needs to have several seeds and develop from a flower with one pistil. As raspberries and strawberries do not meet the last condition, and the cherries have a single seed, all are considered drupelets.

12. There are substitutes for the food

If you ever dreamed about spending less time cooking and eating, then rejoice: now there is a substitute for food. “Soylent”, according to the manufacturer, contains all the elements necessary for an adult person. This product carries the name of the artificial feed is mentioned in the novel by the science fiction writer, Harry Harrison, “I Do site! I do site!” (Make Room! Make Room!).

13. The food on the aircraft loses part of its flavour

If the aircraft you bring food that you it seems very mediocre, do not rush to blame the airline for this. In fact, the food does not seem to be so delicious because in the air space, the sense of smell and taste deteriorates in a 20-50 %. This is due to the fact that at high altitude the moisture in the air decreases. A person has dryness of the throat and the brain recognizes slowly the smells and the taste.

14. The hot chocolate tastes better in a cup orange

The perception of the taste and aroma of the food depends on the color of the dishes in which it is served, as well as price and verbal description. It will be useful to remember when you show to the guests with a new dish. The hot chocolate, for example, are best served in a cup orange or cream-colored: so it seems richer.

15. You can use coconut water in place of saline solution

And finally: if one of your friends is suffering an emergency situation on a deserted island, then you can use water from a coconut young for an intravenous injection.

Of course, the coconut water (don’t confuse it with the milk) is not a substitute for full of the blood plasma, because it contains too much potassium. This makes it more dangerous for people with kidney failure, and burns. However, it is sterile, and in a critical case (if there is a medical solution) may be administered to a person.

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