NETWORK HYDROGEN One: 5 things you need to know the first phone with a holographic screen in the world in Mexico

Yesterday was presented in an official manner the new NETWORK HYDROGEN One in Mexico, which is the first phone in the world with a holographic screen technology 4-View (H4V) and surround sound A3D in 360 degrees, both with headphones as with speakers.

If you are interested in this new device, then here we tell you everything you need to know about the new NETWORK HYDROGEN One.

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Bit 1 – Robust on the outside, powerful on the inside

The RED HYDROGEN One is not a phone that is fine for any side, but on the contrary, has a body quite robust, which did not resemble the designs of other high-end of this year, which gives an important resistance, as it is built with aluminum body and fiber of Kevlar that also make it ultra-resistant, it also allows the thermal sensation is not so high when the computer gets hot.

In its interior we will find a powerful Snapdragon processor 835, yes, last year’s model, however, remains a processor to the height of the expectations. Also, we have 6 GB of RAM which will be sufficient to run virtually any task.

Bit 2 – dual Camera for 3D photographs

This phone has a dual camera 12.3 megapixel, however, we do not have a telephoto or wide-angle, simply we are going to find two sensors are equal, which have the task of creating 3D photographs.

And as well as the rear camera, on the front we have two sensors of 8 MP that have the same mission as the rear camera.

Bit 3 – What is a screen 4 – View?

The computer screen is IPS LCD 5.7 inches, and is packed with technology that will allow us to view content in 3D without the need to use lenses. To tell the truth, the experience is good, that is to say, it is almost unique in the market of smartphones, after LG Optimus 3D, no one dared to bet on this technology until it did NET, however, I think it will not be an element that you’ll use all the time, in fact, you can turn this feature off to use it only when you want to view content in 3D or when you want to impress your friends.

The screen is called 4 – View (4 views) because it doesn’t show two images as the traditional screens, but 4, why we can appreciate much better the 3D effect than other teams that have tried before, such as the already mentioned model of LG.

BIT 4 – A modular telephone, but…

One of the things that attract a lot of attention is that the HYDROGEN One is a smartphone modular that will be compatible with NETWORK technology, so that we can take advantage of the photo and video below, having the ability (perhaps) to make short films or videos of cinematic quality.

The problem is that the NETWORK modules will be available until next year, and now it only remains to wait to know when will these modules to our country, as well as the cost that you will have every one of them, because the teams NETWORK are not precisely economic.

Bit 5 – Price and availability

The smartphone NETWORK is on sale from today, and will be available at all Customer service Centers Telcel, because, yes, it’s exclusive to Telcel, so that you will not be able to buy it with another operator.

The price of the phone is of 27,999 USD, and the version that is sold in Mexico is made of aluminum and Kevlar, and later there will be a version of titanium. and Partners.

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