Reddit finally you will have chatrooms community in real-time

Reddit has established itself as one of the platforms community more robust Internet. But several of his high command noted that for its users to have an efficient communication -and not just to have conversations in the comments by refresh-, had to resort to external applications such as Google Docs, Slack, and even Facebook Messenger.

Skype meets desire massive and already allows you to record video calls

So it was that in order to provide a new tool of communication in real-time created their new Community Chat, are chat rooms with basic functionality to engage real-time conversation between users of Reddit. As reported by Wired, which also ensures that the chats are already available for several subreddits in beta, which means that not all communities have the option, but will be available for the rest of the subscribers for the end of the month.

The managers of the new product even created a page within the platform to explain everything about the function. As with everything on Reddit, the chat rooms are minimalist (oldschool, as the chats of the end of the last century) and focus primarily on what the users want to communicate. On the left side you’ll have a list of chats in which you have participated and you can enter each one of them by clicking.

All participants start with a default avatar of Snoo, mascot of Reddit and by the time it does not appear that the avatars can be changed, which endows it with a certain air of anonymity, one of the values most appreciated in the platform since its inception.

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