Social networks alternate that you can use in place of Facebook

Recently, Facebook, one of the most popular social networks worldwide, has been engulfed in a scandal that caused a drop in their stock value of 37 billion dollars in less than a day.

It all started due to a series of articles originate from journalistic investigations that point to the consulting firm Cambridge Analytica by the misuse of data of more than 50 million users just in the united States. This in order to manipulate the perception of the users and voters headed to the presidential elections of 2016, where Donald Trump was victorious.

Faced with this situation, various governments have mandated response on the part of the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg and through other platforms, has given rise to a movement called #DeleteFacebook intends that members of Facebook deleting his account with the aim to preserve the privacy and security of personal information.

Even Brian Acton, cofounder of WhatsApp , asked users to remove their profile from Facebook. In case your security you will generate concern, we will show other alternative social networks that you can use to continue to maintain contact with the world of information and, of course, with your closest contacts.

Social networks and the agony of love


vero red social

Some weeks ago, there emerged a new social network that caused a great furor in the users and came with the goal of ousting other platforms such as Facebook. The attractiveness of this application is the fact that combining the functions of 3 of the most popular social networks in the digital medium like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook; although, while does not add anything new as such, what is relevant is that you can do many things in a single platform.

However, something that distinguishes Vero of other applications, is that aims to not show advertising, especially for those young people who hate to be looking at advertising banners on all sides, although, of course, those of you who are interested in using this social network, they would have to pay later for your subscription.


ello red social

If you consider yourself as an artistic persona, perhaps It will be of your liking because the design of its interface reminds a little of Tumblr. Something that stands out of this social network is the fact that it does not save the data of their users as the IP number; it even allows you to create fake profiles for you to browse and discover new content. In addition, it does not include advertising, which facilitates the interaction. What is that to enter, This requires a verified account email.

What happens with your social networks after you die?


secret red social

The main attraction of this app is the anonymity, so if you want to share your darkest secrets without anyone knowing, this social network could be your salvation, and in addition provide your private and personal information without compromising your integrity in this reality where everything is fleeting, and we are vulnerable to possible damage or cyber attacks. The only thing that you will need to form part of the “Secret” is an e-mail that will not be the view of anyone.

The terrible feeling to stop using Facebook

Do invite your friends to be a part of these social networks?

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