Social networks are outraged by the Reality Show “strawberry” Netflix “Made in Mexico”

It has been said several times, but it seems that has not been entirely clear. In times of social networks, each step must take it with extreme sensitivity and care, especially when you opt for to perform “social experiments”. It is enough to remember what happened just a few days ago with Hershey’s and their campaign #HacerElBienSabeBien

The gun of Nintendo deceived us all life; so “it worked” in reality

Well, now, who got into the shifting sands of Social Media was Netflix with the announcement of his new Reality Show called “Made In Mexico”, which seeks to show what is behind the glamorous lives of nine socialités mexican -Pepé Diaz, Kitzia Mitre, Carlos Girón, Liz Woodburn, Columba Diaz, Chantal Trujillo, Shanik Aspe, Roby Czech and Hanna Jaf – and what it takes to ascend on the steps mexican social.

The announcement was not taken well at all by the users of Social Networks, which added to the phenomena of the series of Luis Miguel and his recent production The House of Flowers, are accusing Netflix of turning into a kind of Televised Version 3.0, in addition to taking the aspects of Mexico less complimentary to his original productions based in our country.

In social networks, hundreds of users dressed to vent their criticisms to the streaming platform on Twitter and many of the comments are not very kind, especially in the sense that they are accusing Netflix of having low sensitivity and promote classism in Mexico, a recalcitrant problem that has resulted in alerts, and calls to conscience in recent years. and Partners.

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