Replicated Wine: when wines of imitation are indistinguishable from the original… and cheaper

In 2012, the entrepreneur Kevin Hicks was going to be a father. He began to wonder what it is that they had exactly the organic product extremely expensive with he and his wife are thought to feed your child, so he sent for analysis at a laboratory. Seeing how much I had to pay for each analysis ended up buying equipment, paying scientists and technicians, and founding a new company called Ellipse Analytics. A former colleague with whom he had been mounted without much success a company of import of Italian wine, Ari Walker, saw the potential to unite both businesses. If the Ellipse analyzed any type of product, why not do it with wine? Walker knew many of the molecules that give flavor and color to the wines. Why not find out what and in what amount were the wines selling? So they could buy cheap wine and add the necessary additives to make it almost indistinguishable from the original.

In 2015 founded Integrated Beverage Group to do just that, without hiding. So that your brand is Replicated Wine. All copies are tested and approved by the sommelier Brett Zimmerman. Already sold half-a-dozen wines throughout the united States that copied broths californians of some renown but cheaper: Pickpocket instead of Prisoner, Knockoff in front of Kendall-Jackson Vintners Reserve, Just Right to replace Joel Gott, Retrofit by Rombauer, etc, The difference is not easy to perceive, even for professionals who make their living tasting wine. And sometimes, when they perceive it is that the copy has surpassed the original. “We assure that at least 90% of similar chemical to the original notes such as acidity, fruity, citrusy, earthy, tannin, etc,” says the company.

Anyway, it Replicates not intended to make the wines to be completely impossible to differentiate from its inspiration, but copy that makes consumers like it. But according to Andrew Waterhouse, professor of chemistry of the wine at the University of California, the company does nothing really new or revolutionary. Many wineries employ the science and chemistry to duplicate the flavor of some wines sold or praised by critics, and there is a huge industry of laboratories that provide this service. The unique Replica is that they acknowledge it openly.

Meanwhile, we will continue waiting for a replica of the Vega Sicily a little cheaper. Should not be so difficult. In Replica say that the reds are easier than whites.

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