Report mentions that Apple will manufacture less iPhone this year

Despite the fact that the company has mentioned on several occasions that sales of the iPhone X have been very good and that have generated historical revenue for Apple, the reality is that the units sold were below what is expected, and the consequences are already appearing, because according to reports ireport from Nikkei, Apple will reduce by 20% the production of their smartphones in 2018.

This includes the models already presented as the iPhone X, and the three putative models that will be presented in September of this year, even though they will offer different price ranges and features, Apple expected to sell 20% less iPhone in comparison with the previous year.

It seems that one of the main obstacles to the sale of the iPhone X has been the price, which reached a level never before seen in the phones of Apple, as it is close to a thousand dollars, which in Mexico are nearly $23,500 pesos for the simpler model.

This could be one of the reasons that Apple wants an iPhone more affordable with LCD screen and specifications more cropped, but with the same design of the iPhone X, which could cost around 600 or 700 dollars.

The possible prices of the iPhone 2018

And is that according to Nikkei, Apple plans to have around 80 million units distributed this year, not by that means they will be sold, as in the case of most produce is likely that Apple will have excess inventory, which would force the company to lower the cost of their phones, to which some sources of Nikkei have listed as a bet conservative by the company.

Likewise, Nikkei mentions in his report that has been Apple’s own which has advised its suppliers to make the production cut before mentioned, so that this is not an analysis or assumption.

This could be the first time in a long time that Apple sees as their iPhone are not getting the expected results, first with the lowest sales in comparison with the plans outlined for the iPhone X, and now with a low in the production of its entire range of iPhone this year.

Of course, this has already brought a 2 percent drop in the shares of the company, what even could cause it to not succeed in becoming this year the first company with a value of a trillion dollars in the market, that is to say, a billion dollars.

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