#ReporteUnocero Of the new Chrome to iPhone 5G, passing by the T-Rex “lesbian” with Diana

Where to start, that was the question that removed the dream Target before this #ReporteUnocero and is that the week gave enough fabric where to cut. For example, Apple continues falling behind and it appears that will not be an iPhone 5G until 2020.

We investigate OMG, the new viral game from Facebook, and not we liked what we discovered

Though no doubt Google took the agenda with news of all kinds to the giant of Mountain View, for example its alliance with Total Play, or the new locks for misleading advertising in the Chrome. Though not everything is honey on pancakes, because one of the car self-employed of your company Waymo was hit by a motorcyclist.

And as a finishing touch, #Viraland #ReporteUnocero and the T-Rex dancer lesbian. Does it sound confusing? Don’t worry, Diana already explains it all.

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