Reveal secret of the end of “Inception” (and it is more simple than you think)

Without a doubt one of the final most fascinating (and frustrating) in the cinema of this century is from the movie Inception. The film of 2010 starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page, and directed by Christopher Nolan, without a doubt won a place in the collective imagination, and “out there”, he left an unsolved mystery at the end.

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Now, 8 years after its premiere, the british actor Michael Caine, who has a couple of brief appearances in the film about the power of dreams, ended with the mystery of if at the end Dominick Cobb, the protagonist of the tape, is dreaming or it is real the moment when he finally is reunited with her children after years of exile abroad.

He did so during an interview with the daily digital uk, The Independent, and it turns out that the key is much more simple than we expected.

“When I received the script for Inception, I was confused and I said (to Nolan): ‘I do Not understand where is the dream. When is a dream and when is it reality?’ Nolan said to me: ‘When you’re on stage, is real’, so if I’m in the scene, it is real. If I’m not, it’s a dream”.

So easy, dear friends, it is resolved the insomnia of millions and millions of viewers that we would have stuck that bone left to us by Christopher Nolan. We can imagine many of you happy because Inception actually has a happy ending; others also very disappointed because they like things more complicated than simple, but as things are in the film and the end mysterious. and Partners.

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