Reveal true story of the departure of Zack Snyder on Justice League and it’s not pretty

Has time that DC Comics does not paste a great hit in the cinema. The latest snub was the Justice League, which fell below expectations with its 658 million raised to global level (Infinity War already surpassed 2,000 million dollars, to give you an idea).

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And is that before coming to the cinema already had several controversies haunting the super production of Warner Bros., one of these, perhaps the most strident was the issue of the departure of Zack Snyder, the director of the original, of the film to leave the job to Josh Whedon, who remade several scenes and finished the movie.

In the may of 2017 is handled the version that Snyder left the production was attributed to that the filmmaker had decided to give a break to deal with a family tragedy, the suicide of her daughter in march of that same year, but now a new report from the editor of the magazine Vulture ensures that Zack did not let the filming, but he was fired and the reasons.

According to the report of the senior editor of Vulture, Kyle Buchanan, all due to that while Zack Snyder was still in the chair of director allowed the screenwriter Geoff Johns made too many changes to the original script, written by Chris Terrio.

This practice of genre on the one hand that Terrio complain with the executives of Warner, but that would come after it would be markedly worse.

Snyder would have given a first cut of the film without post-production for a review by the executives of WB, but were so dissatisfied with what they saw, that they decided to convene a panel of experts to review the material and give you their best opinion. In the specialist group were Joss Whedon, Allan Heinberg, Seth Grahame-Smith and Andrea Berloff, but in the end the comments of Whedon were so successful, that they decided to give the work and make Zack Snyder.

And because that is the version of Buchanan has spread Vulture and that is being taken up by various media around the world. How to say out there, “chronicle of a failure foretold”.

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