Reveal video of the fatal accident of the autonomous car of Uber

After the police of Tempe, Arizona, determined that the fatal accident of the autonomous car from Uber could not have been avoided even with the conduct of a human, the research department has decided to publish the video of the events recorded by the cameras in both the interior and the exterior of the car.

Normally, this type of tests are usually not published, although we must remember that this is the first case where an autonomous vehicle causes the death of a person after it has been run over.

In the video you can see the exact moment that the woman comes out of the shadows a few metres from the car of Uber, so the impact was almost immediate.

Uber coche accidente

However, one of the details that gets a lot of attention, and that has even led to a debate on the Internet is the responsibility of the employee of Uber who was going to monitor the trip, and is that in the beginning the police mentioned that she also wouldn’t have been able to react in time to stop the car and avoid the accident, but what caught the attention is that the chief of police of Tempe mentioned that he was evaluating the possibility of raising a complaint against such employee.

The autonomous car of Uber is not responsible for the fatal accident, reveals preliminary investigation of the police

As we can see in the video, the woman is not seeing to the front before the accident, but is looking down, probably because it is checking the computer with that recorded all the data of the trip, as we recall that this programme of driving autonomously is still in the testing phase.

Accidente Uber 2

Uber has not issued any statement regarding, and it is expected that the company clarify why the woman was not watching the road, although it is likely that even with the hands on the wheel and total control of the car, this accident could not have been avoided.

Here is the video released by the police of Tempe, Arizona.

Do you think that the accident could have been avoided?

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