Review of the Xiaomi Mi A1, the spiritual successor to the Moto G (Video)

He has done it with two mobiles, of which the one that occupies to us it seems made expressly for the purpose to internationalize the brand. The My A1 with Android One, that is to say, without the layer of customizing My UI, and with updates guaranteed by Google. In addition to on the role has a relation between price and quality hardly surmountable. But what will withstand a exam more thoroughly? We’re going to see.

My A1 is a mobile phone with a screen of 5.5 inches, which can take a little back to those who we don’t like phones that big. In addition, to make it worse, the frames do not disappear as is the latest fashion, but they are quite generous, with capacitive buttons that, following the tradition of other chinese mobile, placed the back button to the right. Do not laugh, but it has been what I have been most disturbed of the device during the days in which I had. It has a metal body, an acceptable weight but not a lightweight and is quite thin. The back is slightly curved to improve grip and features the classic fingerprint reader on the back. It is a mobile phone, pretty, and like so many other mid-range today, by the looks we could not guess at its price. Nor is it very original, but who is today?

If you look at the guts, it has a Snapdragon 625 and a staggering 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, expandable with a microSD card. What is usual on Xiaomi: give a lot for little money. The usual applications load fast and there is no waiting when changing from one to the other. The games also move without problems. Employs USB-C to load, which was appreciated. The battery itself seemed a priori a bit low: 3.080 mAh for a 5.5-inch display, but apparently the chinese have worked closely with Google to optimize the operating system and copes with day and a half more or less of normal use, which allows us to bring to bear the whole day after a couple of years of use. The screen itself is IPS, with 403 pixels per inch and a brightness acceptable in exterior, with an automatic that I have not done any weird thing. No complaints in this section.

The double camera requires a little more attention, because it is probably one of the main selling points. It does not take good photos in low light, but for 225€ I do not think that there is mobile phone that pass that subject. But yes that complies with note when you play with the depth-of-field, to what I called portrait photo. It is quite addictive, the truth, although it limited quite the distance that can be placed the objects to be able to use that function. The front camera detects the faces, and with them the age and sex: I am very grateful for to take my seven years of over. Thank you, Xiaomi: it has arrived.

As for the software, this is a point that differentiates it from any other Xiaomi earlier. Is Android pure without additives and you know that I am far more a fan of this interface is that of any layer of personalization that you have tried. But unlike other brands, which also include Android pure or with minimal modifications, such as Motorola or BQ, this mobile is part of the program Android One, which means that it is Google that takes care of the updates. Not be as fast as the Apple, to deceive, but it does promise to upgrade to Android 8 Oreo before the end of the year.

When hit the market the Moto G original the which we dedicate to this analyze mobile we were able to breathe easy for a while. There was a device of such good quality for the price that we could respond to Moto G whenever a family member or friend we asked for a recommendation. With a price of 225€, and with the warranties you buy it officially in Spain, now we can answer Xiaomi Mi A1 without any hesitation. Let’s hope that the chinese don’t do like Motorola and we can also recommend the future A2, A3, etc, We will see in the coming analysis.

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