Check your bank account can make you feel miserable but really

A salary high does not guarantee happiness. According to a study from the journal Emotion, it affects more to see the balance of our bank account the amount in our payroll receipts, for example.

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The study found that liquidity is everything, or at least in matter of happiness and satisfaction. That is to say, it doesn’t matter if you win 20,000 or 2,000 pesos, but the feeling of knowing that accounts (OR NOT) with money.

The publication reviewed the information in the 585 customers in a bank in the United Kingdom to come to these conclusions. The data included questionnaires on how stressed they were with their finances and how they felt when reviewing their statements of account, or the balances of their savings accounts.

“No matter how much she had been a customer or how much you earned, or even how much was their debt always and when you have an amount stored that could be accessed with ease, which is associated with greater happiness,” he told Time Peter Ruberton, the main author of the study and a phd candidate at psychology personality social of the University of California, Riverside.

And so, for example, is how one is deceived when he has money “to spend” and don’t pay their debts.

In practical terms, do what you can to always leave something in your bank account instead of leveling your wage each fortnight, because saving = happiness. I wish it were so easy. and Partners.

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