Richard Branson was an “Already 100TC Cñor” to Elon Musk

Richard Branson shared with him some tips, from entrepreneur to entrepreneur, Elon Musk. Get more sleep, delegate, and stay away from Twitter. We cannot say that we do not agree.

Have been a few months very frantic for the CEO of Tesla. The flamethrower mariachi, the layoffs at Tesla, the failure of the submarine, the interview smoking marijuana, and of course the tweet that cost him a lawsuit and a fine of the Securities and exchange Commission and the presidency of Tesla.

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The two businessmen are competing for the space (three, if you count Jeff Bezzos) and with ideas quite opposite. However, this does not prevent the founder of Virgin will be able to extend a friendly recommendation.

“You have to find time for himself. You have to find the time for your health and family,” said Branson on CNBC this Tuesday. “Is a person incredibly creative, but it sure must sleep very little”.

Branson added that Musk needs to “learn the art of delegation” and that I should work in “finding a fantastic team that surrounds”. In a few words, seems to suggest that you do more things as you will do in the Virgin Group. Josh Bayliss is the CEO, Peter Norris, president and Branson serves as a director and ambassador.

Tesla had revealed that is in search of a Director of Operations (COO) due to the erratic behavior of Musk, however this has not happened. More than ever, Elon Musk needs support to monitor the day to day operations, so that Branson seems to have a point quite valid.

But his words of wisdom didn’t end there. Richard Branson also said that Musk should stop tweeting.

Even after paying the fine, Elon Musk takes advantage of it to make fun of the Commission and Stock exchange of the united States (SEC). Someone had not learned his lesson.

“Do not feel that you have to pull out tweets and things about the shareholders public, it leaves the part of the public game to people who enjoy it,” said Branson. “He clearly does not enjoy it, so that it clears the deck so that it could concentrate on the creative part”. and Partners.

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