Ridiculous Ramón Espinar on Twitter on the Day of the Emoji”

On the occasion of the so-called Day of the Emoji, which has filled with emoticons, social networks, Ramón Espinar has invited his followers to indicate what were their favourite and to define, we Can through these drawings. The result has been disastrous for the senator: many internet users have embraced the idea with enthusiasm but to criticize the podemita and his party to base of drawings.

Espinar has had to see how it reminded him of with emoticons the scandal of his housing and the money you earned with the operation. Other users defined to we Can with the flags of Iran and Venezuela, or drawings of skulls, cacas, rats and snakes. And was also profusely used the symbol of the house in order to allude to the chalet of Montero and Churches.

In the midst of the taunts widespread, with emoticons of clowns, plugs, credit cards by the black of his father and daggers, in reference to the internal battles common in the formation, other twitterers will reproach the infantilidad of the proposal. Only a few escaped the political burning.

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