Robothond open door with a creepy manipulator

Boston Dynamics demonstrates in a new video how the robothonden of the company is now smart enough to choose the doors to open. A clever piece, but it also has something so spooky.

In the video it is shown how a SpotMini for a closed door. Then there is the other SpotMini in the picture, which, with its gripper arm to open the door can do for his comrade. Then they go together through the door.

Robots that itself doors can open, for example, can come in handy during rescue operations. But also in the household. As demonstrated in Boston Dynamics has previously SpotMini-prototype, that the dishwasher inruimde.


Doomsayers see, however, a scenario for themselves where robots have a will of their own and run wild against their creators. And then you’re even more behind a closed door safely. Unless it’s locked. Yet…

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