Rockstar Games announces release date of ‘Red Dead Redemption II’

The cowboys and cowgirls are in luck, because Rockstar has officially confirmed that the long awaited sequel to the western american Red Dead Redemption II will be available on the 26th of October for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Although the title was initially announced for spring, it appears that the development has taken more time than expected, but in the end we have an official date to discover the delivery set in the heartland of America and built from the ground up for consoles of the current generation. As anticipated in its announcement, will tell the story of the outlaw Arthur Morgan and the band Van der Linde while they raid, fight and steal to survive.

Continuing the chapter of the good news, and for the wait to be more enjoyable, since Rockstar have sent out a new battery of shots with a selection of half a dozen screens, where we can check roughly the quality graphics and what seems to be, a huge territory to explore.

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