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Rust Hack V2.6. Our newest release is ready and available for free! Enable developer mode, a speed hack and edit maps! It’s all possible with the Rust Hack form After having been tested by multiple different servers the first version was ready to release.

Over the past few months we have had a huge amount of feedback from you guys. With the feedback in mind there have been many new updates, with version 2.6 being the final release. Updates will still be released frequently.

With over 15.000 downloads in just a few months this Rust Hack has shown itself to be a must have for any Rust player.
What’s new in version 2.6?
Version 2.6 includes the following updates and patches:

Simplified + Improved UI.
Proxy activation now works on all versions of Windows.
Update notifications.
Option to enable automatic updates.0
fixed a bug for certain versions of the game.

Simply download Rust Hack by clickiing on the download button below:

Run the file and it should soon automaticly after succesfull installation show a Desktop Item named as the game the Rust Hack including the word Cheat.
Before you open this File make sure that your Android / iOS device is succesfully connected to your windows PC
Now open the file Named Rust Hack and you should get an application open showing just as the image above
Very self explanatory and we hope you enjoy. IF any bugs please report us in comments or by contacting our team by email in our contact section

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