Samsung inaugurates the factory of largest smartphone in the world in India

Samsung is currently the manufacturer of Android that most phones sold in the world, is the brand name that constantly takes the prize for the best smartphone of the year, and is the manufacturer of AMOLED displays for smartphones best valued today. And now, the signature south Korean will break another record, as it will open the that ensure that it is the factory of largest smartphone in the world.

The factory has been inaugurated by Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, together with the Korean president, Moon Jae-in, and senior executives of Samsung. The largest factory for smartphones is located in the city of Noida, on the outskirts of the capital, New Delhi.

As mentioned by Bloomberg, this plant will have the capacity to produce up to 120 million devices per year, and here is where you will create the phone of low range, whose price is around 100 dollars, as well as the high-end equipment, such as the Galaxy S9 and Note 8.

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Why India and not China?

We are used to this type of investment is being made in China, which is currently the largest market of smartphones in the world, however, India is second, with a total of 425 million users, so the factory of Samsung will help you to solve the high demand of smartphones in the country.

Likewise, India is one of the countries where a tax is charged 20% to all phones that are not manufactured in this country, a situation that has led to brands such as Xiaomi and Oppo to install factories in India, this way you save those tariffs on the sale of devices.

It was as well as even Xiaomi overtook Samsung as the best selling brand in India this year, which is why Samsung has also opted for this heavy investment.

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Samsung has announced that the factory will begin to work in stages, and will be until 2020 when it is working at 100% and at maximum capacity, that is when it is expected to make 120 million devices annually.

Another important detail is that Samsung has mentioned that with this opening, starts a new commercial strategy under the slogan of “Make in India, Make for India and Make for the World” (Made in India, made for India and made for the world”, which makes it clear to us that this factory could supply devices to the major markets of the world such as European and American.

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