Samsung shows you how to work the Galaxy X; a smartphone with flexible screen

A registered patent last 4th of July shows how will be the operation of Galaxy X, the first smartphone foldable or flexible screen from Samsung, which says it will be presented to the public during the CES in las Vegas in January 2019.

According to the images taken by the site LetsGoDigital, we can see a device very similar to what they have been leaks of the Galaxy X, so we assume that it is the same phone, and where you are shown how will be the performance of the team in some tasks.

Recall that the smartphone could have a display of 7.3 inches fully unfolded, and 4.5-inch with the team folding, and obviously there will be differences in the use depending on how you have the phone.

Filter date for launch of the Samsung Galaxy X and folding would be before the Galaxy S10

According to the description of the patent, the hinge of the computer includes a tilt sensor that detects the opening degree of the smartphone, you will know that part of the screen should be activated, in this way you could customize the interface based on the zone of vision of the user, and at the same time save battery power.

It even says that the Galaxy X could be compatible with the S-Pen of Galaxy Note, so that their uses could be extended to be more attractive for the user, however, in the images are proprietary, we see that the phone barely and leans a few degrees, although this is only an image that explains some of their functions.

There are still many doubts about the operation of this Galaxy X, that looks to be the smartphone most innovative in 2019, however, the fact that it is innovative does not mean that it will succeed, for that Samsung must prove that it is a functional phone, because the rumors suggest that its cost will be above $ 1,500, that is to say, it might cost more than 30,000 MXN.

Missing a few months for the possible presentation of this device, and as we go closer and closer to the scheduled date will be leaking more details of this Galaxy X.

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