Samsung presents ‘The Wall’, a television, modular, 146 inches

The tech company Samsung has presented this Monday the tv MicroLED modulate The Wall, of 146 inches, as well as a panel QLED endowed of a technology of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows you to generate content with a resolution of 8K from one of standard picture quality. Also, the signature south Korean will incorporate tools such as Bixby or SmartThings to its smart tvs, 2018.

Samsung has introduced a number of technological developments in the framework of the fair Consumer Electronics Show (CES), being held this week in Las Vegas (united States). Among these new products is The Wall, a television set, modular, 146 inches the company has defined in a statement as “the first consumer in the world” of its features.

The Wall incorporates the technology MicroLED, based on the use of LED lights of micron-scale –smaller than the LED– conventional, which eliminates the need for color filters and light background, which makes a technology more similar to the OLED. It also increases their durability and reduces their energy consumption, as has been highlighted Samsung. In addition, this tv features a modular design without frames, able to adapt to different uses, depending on the technology.

Artificial intelligence to convert images to 8K

Samsung has also presented at CES 2018 a television QLED that incorporates the technology 8K AI, which uses artificial intelligence to scale audiovisual content in standard definition at a resolution 8K. This technology uses an algorithm to adjust the screen resolution based on the image quality of each scene, so as to improve it “continuously”.

So, this tv carries out functions such as improving the detail of the images, reduce the noise, re-purposing the frames and adjust the sound automatically depending on the content. This monitor QLED will go on sale in South Korea and the united States during the second half of this year, as confirmed by the asian company, which has ensured that this tv is “the world’s first” to offer this technology.

Bixby and SmartThings for their new television

In addition, Samsung has confirmed that its family of samsung Smart tvs by 2018 will incorporate tools such as the virtual assistant Bixby, the technology of the Internet of Things (IoT) SmartThings or the recommendation service programs Universal Guide.

The incorporation of the virtual assistant Bixby will offer an interaction “easier” between the tv and the user, based on an intuitive user experience and the analysis of voices. For its part, the platform SmartThings will enable the integration of these tvs in the ecosystem of the internet of things (IoT), Samsung and Universal Guide will offer recommendations of programs to the user on the basis of their preferences.

Smart appliances

The new fridges Hub. | Samsung

In parallel to these products, Samsung has expanded its range of appliances with releases like the new generation of fridges Family Hub or the washing machine WW6850N, respectively characterized by the integration in the platform SmartThings, and the incorporation of technology QuickDrive.

The new fridges smart Samsung are integrated within the ecosystem IoT SmartThings, which keeps Family Hub synchronized with other devices and allows you to perform different tasks in remote, through an ‘app’. In addition, the new refrigerators of the brand in south korea incorporate the management tool, nutritional Meal Planner, and the assistant Bixby. This appliance, which will be on sale this spring, has been awarded the prize for the Best Innovation of CES 2018.

For its part, the washing machine WW6850N presents the technology of optimization of time QuickDrive and is able to operate “up to 35% faster” than the current models of the brand, according to the own Samsung. Compatible with the ecosystem SmartThings, this appliance will go on sale in the united States during the present year.

Finally, Samsung has also unveiled at CES 2018 the smart board Samsung Flip WM55H, with a resolution UHD, touch-screen, 55-inch compatible with pencils intelligent, screen-sharing feature and USB connectivity. This device will go on sale in Europe and the united States at the end of January.

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