Samsung has introduced its first flip phone that turns into tablet

The technology giant south Korean Samsung Electronics presented a kind of folding screen that will incorporate its new line of smart phones towards the first half of 2019.

This technology is called to be the main hallmark of the next generation of smartphones from the world’s largest manufacturer in the sector, and was shown for the first time at the Developers Conference Samsung held in San Francisco (united States).

The screen, called ‘Infinity Flex‘, will offer a “new experience” to the users and combining the advantages of size that assumes a phone, compact and a better screen surface, said Samsung in a statement.

The size of this OLED screen folded is 4.58 inches, which when deployed increases to 7.3.

Samsung also presented the One UI, a new interface for the Android operating systems of their devices, which he defined as “clean and minimalist”, and is intended to facilitate the use of the touch screen with one hand.

The giant south Korean had previously announced its plans to become the first manufacturer in the industry in bringing to market a smartphone with folding screen, ahead of competitors such as american Apple or the chinese Huawei, which is also preparing devices of the same characteristics.

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