Samsung registers the patent of his own camera, biometric

Today it has been revealed that the rights of the patent of a camera biometrics were acquired by Samsung, giving the idea that this could be the beginning of the implementation of the technology in the upcoming models of the Galaxy line.

Still not clear if the above will happen, but considering that the south Korean company is following in the footsteps of the iPhone X Apple, that contains the camera True Depth, it could almost ensure that this will happen sooner or later.

According to the information released by Patently Apple, the new camera will have facial recognition and more security in the iris scan.

The document was filed with the Patent and Trademark Office of the united States, indicates that this feature may be added to the devices and which in addition to the features mentioned above, you will have a night vision camera, 3D sensor time-of-flight in order to be able to measure distances and eye tracking.

The company also seeks to develop an infrared light that captures the user’s face, in order that the image is unlocked without having any limitation on the part of the ambient light.

You have the idea that this system can be used in other devices such as televisions, laptops, tablets and even desktop computers.

It all sounds quite promising, but the important question is: when will it be available to see the action live and in color?; the answer is somewhat ambiguous, because it is speculated to be released in the next Samsung Galaxy Note 9 , which debuted in August, but there are other rumors about who will be out until 2019 in the next models.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will include a fingerprint reader under the screen

As the case may be, the wait will be worth it, since in addition to having facial recognition, will also incorporate a stylus that works over Bluetooth, called S Pen, which can be used at a distance to be able to control some functions of the cell, and serve as a horn.

With everything described above, it is expected that thousands of users of Samsung, and many others that are not, esperaren forward to this get their hands.

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