Samsung gives up to $ 500 on games for your cell phone

Do you know the store Galaxy Apps? Well, if you have a Samsung smartphone surely you have seen it installed, but the reality is that many users use the Google Play Store for downloading and purchasing applications and games, however, Samsung has an interesting promotion which aims to attract users to your store apps, giving away up to 500 dollars in games and purchases in-app.

So, you’re not hallucinating, Samsung is offering more than what they cost some of their phones for downloading games and buying packs in-app, and it is games very successful as HearthStone, Cut the Rope, etc

Samsung calls it a “Game Pack”, with which we can get exclusive deals for games, starter packs, free items in the game, credits and much more on selected titles. And as we mentioned, that is exclusive for customers Galaxy.

Change your smartphone for a Galaxy with this promotion

To see all available promotions must follow the following steps:

  • We opened the store Galaxy Apps.
  • We go to the section “Games”.
  • Press in the section “Exclusive Game Offers”
  • There we will be able to download the games and see what benefits we will get, as well as the dollar value, although recall that we will be free.

As mentioned Samsung, if we add up all the benefits available, obtain a gift with a value of 500 dollars, that is to say, more than $9,000 MXN.

The games that you download will be installed on your phone as it happens with other applications that you download from the Play Store.

This promotion will be available until the 31st of December, so you have time to take advantage of all these exclusive offers, which will be registered in your Samsung account.

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