Schermproblemen ‘small part’ Galaxy S9 smartphones

Some owners of a Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ run into problems with the touchscreen. In some places, this display responds not to touch, especially in the corners.

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It is complained on several sites, including Reddit and the support-forum of Samsung (via Engadget). They are also known as ‘dead spots’, places on the display of the S9 that tapping and swiping sometimes does not register. It is unknown how many owners exactly against this problem constantly.

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Samsung let know in a comment on his and the company has also launched an investigation. According to Samsung, take the dead spots are just a small part of all users. It is possible to fix the bug with a software update. In the worst case, would customers their device for repair.

Moreover, these kind of mistakes happen more often. As noticed iPhone X users that their screen is not well responded to as soon as the colder it was outside. The problem was fairly quickly via a software update fixed.

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