It is about the premiere of “Jurassic World II”, and we bring you some data you didn’t know about this saga

Do you remember when it premiered the first film of this saga in 1993? The innovative special effects, both digital and left us gobsmacked, and now, after twenty-five years, is on the verge of premiering the fifth film in the franchise: Jurassic World: The kingdom fallen.

Sure you’re part of the millions of fans that we look forward to the arrival in cinemas of the latest delivery. This is why in, we had the task of telling you some of the more interesting tidbits about this incredible saga.

1. The supervision of the first film in the series was made from Poland

Steven Spielberg was shooting Schindler’s list in Poland while performing the post-production of Jurassic Park, as the latter is lengthened.

2. It is one of the 25 movies with the highest profits in the history of cinema

Managed to log more than 900 million in its original display in cinemas, thus becoming the film with the highest grossing in history until, in 1997, and premiered Titanic and unseated.

3. Morgan Freeman turned down a role in Jurassic Park

The actor thought the idea of making a film about dinosaurs was absurd, and therefore rejected it without knowing the success that the film would get.

4. The famous scene of the water by making ripples had many difficulties in the creation

Make the scene of the glasses of water vibrating in concentric circles that signaled the arrival of the T-Rex represented a lot of difficulty for the supervisor of special effects. After several consultations with experts in the field, the specialist got the effect by touching the strings of a guitar.

5. Suffered hurricane Iniki while they recorded the first film

The movie began to be filmed on the hawaiian island of Kauai. The three weeks of recording were surprised by hurricane Iniki, so the shooting went to the island of Oahu. This is the island where it was also filmed later on the series Lost.

6. Increased the number of students of Paleontology

Thanks to the success of the movie, it broke records in the number of students who chose the career of Paleontology.

7. It was the first film in DTS (Digital Theater System)

Jurassic park was the first movie to use the system for digital encoding of sound is called DTS, forcing many cinemas to renovate part of their home audio systems.

8. Combined these three sounds together to recreate the roar of a T-Rex

No one knew how it sounded like the roar of a dinosaur with accuracy, so they blended different sounds: a tiger, a dog, a penguin and a baby elephant. The man in charge of this task was Stan Winston, the artist of the visual effects also worked with other classics: Alien and Predator.

9. There will be a sixth film in the saga

Already has announced the sixth film of the saga: it will be called Jurassic World 3, but if you can’t wait to see it, you’ll have to endure, because it will be released nothing more nothing less 3 years: June 11, 2021.

10. The nod from Spielberg to the other of their movies

The character of Dennis in the movie Jurassic Park, is watching the film of Shark from your computer. It is also used sharks as food for the dinosaurs in Jurassic World.

11. The gift of memory of the director

Steven Spielberg gave to the entire cast as a model of Velociraptor signed by him as a remembrance of the creation of the first film.

12. The origin of the balls-hygroscopic

The balls hygroscopic that appear in the film Jurassic World are an idea that Spielberg had for previous films, but never put it into practice.

13. The new species of dinosaur: the Indoraptor

This new creature appears for the first time in the last movie of the saga. The new hybrid is the reduced version of the Indominus rex, and it has features of a raptor and an indeterminate number of other animals.

14. Jurassic park won three Oscars that it was nominated

The three Oscars that Jurassic Park won were: best sound editing (Gary Rydstrom, Richard Hymns), best sound (Gary Summers, Gary Rydstrom, Shawn Murphy, Ron Judkins) and best visual effects (Stan Winston).

15. Embrace of the purpose of filming between Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt

The great connection between the actors Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard did, that the end of the shoot ended with an emotional embrace. The actress accompanied the photo with the text: “it’s Day 60 and we are done! Honestly, I cried. Goodbye, Hawaii!”.

16. Parable of the abuse of animals

As you can see in this interview with Colin Trevorrow, the dinosaurs in the movie The kingdom fallen, they represent “a parable of the treatment that the animals receive today: the abuse, medical experimentation, pets, to have wild animals in zoos as prisons, the use that the military have made them, or the animals as weapons”.

These curiosities that cause us to want more even (if possible) to see The kingdom fallen.

And you, what do you know of other milestones curious about this film saga? It tell us!

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