It filters out the Xbox for people with disabilities

Despite the fact that the video game industry has evolved over the years, we know that one of their major shortcomings is the accessibility, as today many users with disabilities cannot take a control of Xbox, PS4 or Nintendo Switch to play, however, it seems that Microsoft will be the first of the three major companies to change this situation.

It had already been rumored that Microsoft could be working on a special control for Xbox for people with disabilities, and today have leaked the first image of the accessory, which is very different to the controls that we have known today.

From what we can see of the image, the button for Xbox, Menu, View and control arrow are the only buttons that are similar to the other controls of the Xbox, however, it is striking that A and B are now two buttons giants that occupy an important part of the command, which may also be touch surfaces.

#TipsNChips: Tips for people with disabilities

Another detail that attracts attention, and that precisely responds to other rumors, are the three bars that are located above the control arrows, which is said to indicate the way in which we can use the controller, so depending on the type of disability is that they may be working some buttons, as in the case of A and B.

Beyond the image has not said anything about the possible operation of this controller, and it has also announced its filing date, however, it is believed that Microsoft could reveal it on June 10th during their conference at E3, which of course will be present the team of Unocero to bring you all the details.

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