Filtered VIDEO of the new iPhone IS 2

As I commented just a few days ago, the iPhone 2, Apple went from being a rumor to a potential presentation close of the second version of the low end smartphone of the manzanita.

5 technologies of the iPhone that Apple copied, and we believe that he invented

From 2017 have emerged rumors and versions about how soon we could see the device, but now not only says that it could be on may the presentation of the device, but now there is a video on YouTube which allegedly appears on the phone.

Highlights to see that the smartphone would have a port for headphones, a step back for Apple, which has said that the future is “no wires”, along with a classic design similar to the iPhone 5, but with glass casing.

Among the information that has been circulated regarding the iPhone 2 it has been said that it will be a special edition that will feature the wireless charging function as the iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus. Another of the details that called the attention is that none of the devices listed above will have iOS 12, that is to say, will be coming to market with iOS 11.

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