Filtered the specifications of the Samsung smartphone with Android Go

Android pure and Samsung are not a combination very popular, because the company is usually bet entirely by its layer of customization, known as Samsung Experience, and the closest thing that there ever was between Samsung and Android pure was the Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition, a project that is not lived for a long time.

But Samsung will go for Android pure in its next smartphone, which it will with Android Go, the version created for the smartphones low-end that promises an experience of use outstanding.

Currently, some companies such as Alcatel or Nokia have already launched their first smartphones with Android Go, demonstrating that it is an operating system is promising for customers who do not want to spend much money on a phone, and that in turn looking for a phone with a performance at the height.

Nokia 1, the first smartphone with Android Go arrives in Mexico

For this reason, it is a fact that the smartphone from Samsung we’re talking about is a team of low-end, and according to the leaked information these would be the specifications:

  • 5-inch screen with Super AMOLED technology
  • Exynos processor 7570 of four cores at 1.4 GHz
  • 1GB memory RAM
  • 16GB ROM
  • Rear camera of 8 MP
  • Front camera 5 MP
  • Battery 2,600 mAh
  • Android 8.1 Oreo Go Edition

As we can see there are no surprises with respect to what we expected, except the screen, everything indicates that it will be the first low end smartphone market with OLED technology, something that many brands reserve for their teams of mid and high range.

This could be its selling point or its Achilles ‘ heel, it all depends on the price with the one that comes on the market, so if the cost is around 100 dollars that handles your competition, then this smartphone could be a sales success, but if the AMOLED screen determines its price above $ 150, then it is likely that you do not have the expected success.

We do not know when and where will be presented the Samsung smartphone, but we are pleased that more companies are adding programs like Android Go or the Android One.

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