Are “filtered out” deals at the Good End of 2018 thanks to the cell phone of an employee of Sam’s Club

For those who are eager to know what will be the offers that will be on the Good End of 2018, you should know that there is information about it thanks to the cell phone of an employee of Sam’s Club.

Data and discounts of different products were found within the mobile who, it is presumed, is one of the executives of the commercial shop, accidentally forgotten in one of the supermarket carts.

Through a video it has since been announced that a second person found the device in the parking lot, where was that cart and began to observe what was in it.

#MoneyMonthUnocero: The 3 deceptions more common of the Good End

What marketing strategy or simple carelessness?

After watching the clip repeatedly, you can realize that the situation seems to be mounted, because it was all so natural zero, so that it is the doubt that it is a marketing strategy so that people are interested in what they have in Sam’s Club.

If so, it can be seen that various electronic devices such as displays, computers, cell phones, and even refrigerators have offers and attractive prices.

However, there is still huge doubt as to whether this is real or not, so have to wait and I got the famous weekend cheaper a year to see if it was really a matter of reliable information.

What do you guys think about this case?

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