It passed! The tuitazos by the “plagiarism” among finalists of logos for CDMX

Sometimes the news agenda of truth you can’t believe. Several reports indicate that multiple designs chosen as finalists in the competition for the new institutional logo for the Government of the City of Mexico, may be plagiarism of image banks.

#Viraland “Shut up old lesbian” and check the source of the dinomemes

The point was originally made by a user of Facebook, but the issue became viral when the tweeter Vampipe put it in your account.

And the rest is history. The hashtag #YoPrefieroElLogo became a trend in the social network for several hours, and along with it a train of powerful tuitazos that are able to get loud the more severe of the designers.

But all is not laughter, because also active a “hunt” social media was in evidence several other of the runner-up. And although up to the moment everything is pure speculation, but here I let the testimonies of the phenomena with those brilliant geniuses that only Twitter can give us. and Partners.

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