Sure you would not want to sit with these (adorable) cats in a dark alley

Black Metal Cats is a funny Twitter account that published photos of cats look evil and dangerous: feral cats, domestic cats, short hair, long hair: if your appearance is fierce, they show. Each photo is accompanied by a screenshot really rude that reveals the “dark side” of the cats.

In we select for you the 15 cats most fearsome (and apapachables) of this creative Twitter account, and we advise you to follow these guys because they upload new photos daily.

1. Does my money not worth at this bar?

“I am the god of war. The wheels of my car spin in the thunder, the blows of my hammer ring in the earthquake.”

2. Look at me intently… when I count to three you will fall into a deep sleep

“Our destiny is to join this war. Without mercy, without compassion.”

3. From here I will watch the attack of the enemy

“I am the only son of the mountain, born in the deep”.

4. I’m not going to repeat it: I want warm milk

“We are the bringers of the storm and the winds harvesters. We unite in deepest hate.”

5. Some day, all this will be mine… someday

“Far from the stench of human, far beyond all temporality lies the realm of nothingness where chaos hammers his own law”.

6. This corner is mine, do you understand?

“Flames cold of melancholy tearing inside of me. I tasted the bitterness and felt the force of the pain”.

7. Do we call in fat?

“Rulers of the seas, the mountains and the sky. Strong warriors, pagans, without fear to die.”

8. My father was a lion, my mother was the Goddess of Cats

“Our hearts pagans are filled with melancholy and hatred.”

9. I want my throne ready for YESTERDAY

“I am not a fallen angel, because I don’t belong to God. I am beyond all of creation, because it was never born”.

10. It was my mind which covered of snow this green meadow

“Contemplating a dream of suffering, the infinite passes in the cold without end”.

11. I don’t need a crossbow, I can kill you with my gaze

“In the forest and in the fields, I see blood, I see war.”

12. You already know that I don’t like to talk when I’m newly awake

“The call black of total darkness is burning fiercely within the recesses of my cold chest dead”.

13. It is not yoga, it’s martial art

“We are proud of the remains broken. Forward wheel our war machine.

14. Don’t mess with my son or you will know the power of my wrath

“Do not be afraid, and don’t show fear. Let say that not all life is dear”.

15. You do not go to this bar. Neither do you. To see, you… not, nor

“Take the plague and destroy the holy cross. Death will come to those who follow the light.”

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