Shortwave could be the new app podcast Google

In the mid of the month of June of this year, approximately, Google released an app of the podcast with the thousands of Android users, they could listen to more than two million programs that I had, free of charge and without ads.

Without a doubt, is one of the tools that is most yearned for and, therefore, has had a great reception among the public, however, and seeing the success, the company has been working on another app that is also focused on the podcasts.

Shortwave, the name of this new application, it has begun to cause intrigue in the people, despite the fact that, for the moment, it is only a record that Google has made.

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The efforts of the Area 120 (small group of developers who base their work on experimental products) for maintaining the secrecy of the project, were not sufficient because the leakage of information has been inevitable, so much has been so even that is already known is the description with which it was registered.

The brief review given about this app is experimental, explains that he “will allow users to search, access and play digital audio files, and share links to audio files”.

Also, there is the fact of what has been commented on by a spokesman of Google, who said that the focus of the application was focused merely on the podcast, so that these would be the main content of the application. While a source close to the company, has said that there is not much information that can be shared now, because everything is still experimental:

“One of the many projects that we are working within the Area 120 is Shortwave, which helps users to discover and consume spoken audio in new ways. Like other projects within the Area 120, it is an experiment very early, so that there are not many details to share at this time”.

Even though you have knowledge of this type of data, the truth is we still don’t know the full details of Shortwave, causing thousands of questions arise in this regard and none of them resolved, as Google does not plan to respond, at least not soon. and Partners.

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