If you meet 105 years, the risk of death stops increasing

For over 105 years, the increase in the risk of death by age slows down, and even stabilizes, according to a study published in Science. The results provide important information about one of the fundamental questions of human aging: is there a maximum life expectancy for humans? The conclusion is that the limit, if it exists, has not yet been reached, says Elisabetta Barbi, responsible for the study, which examined data from nearly 4,000 volunteers.

The demographics of aging is a controversial topic with much debate as to whether the mortality rates continue to increase exponentially until reaching extreme ages or fail to level off at a plateau (so that the probability of death remains constant for the people of that age or beyond).

While some studies that investigate the limits of the increase in the risk of death by age have suggested a plateau in the mortality, others have reached an opposite conclusion: the better the data, the less is the appearance of such a leveling. In this report, the team led by Barbi provides strong evidence for the first case, supporting the existence of plateaus of mortality.

The authors calculated the mortality rates using data on journeys of survival carefully documented and verified 3.836 Italian higher of 105 between 2009 and 2015. According to the authors, the data used allowed estimates of mortality rates with unrivalled accuracy: the mortality rates, which increase exponentially with age, they begin to decelerate after age 80 years and then approaching a plateau after age of 105.

In addition, the authors show that the mortality rate in patients older than 105 years of age, decreases slightly between the groups born within the same year, which strongly suggests that human longevity is increasing with time. In other species, patterns are observed plateau of mortality is similar in extreme ages, giving to understand explanations of evolution and common structural.

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