Yes it is possible to turn off notifications for IGTV on Instagram

While IGTV, the new tool from Instagram to publish and view video clips of long duration, is novel and causes curiosity, also turns out to be a little bothered by the various notifications that arrive to the cell in a constant manner.

For those users who don’t like your phone ringing every time, there is the solution turn off the announcements that are made each time any person uploads a video.

Only need a couple of minutes, and the cell where you have the application to do so, with that in hand it should only be access to the profile of Instagram and look for the settings Menu of the app, which can appear in the form of a gear or three points, and you click it.

Subsequent to that, you should go down until you find the section of Notifications, once located there, log in to Push Notifications and you scroll to the last but one title that goes by the name Updates of the videos of IGTV, after that you should only chop the option turned Off.

In the event that you want to stop notifications of people who follow, simply select this alternative or be turned off of all the people; that will depend on the choice of every user about what they want to see.

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It should be noted that performing this action will not stop the colorful notice that appears at the top of the cell each time it is accessed to the platform Instagram, as yet, continue to be reported on if any user posted a video of IGTV.

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