If I had a list of images unusual that you should see before you die, would be composed by these 25 photos

The world is full of phenomena and beings that we have never seen in our lives. But it is precisely these new insights help us to look at the world from a different angle, at the same time to broaden our horizons and to become conversationalists are more interesting. For example, have you ever seen a tiger gold, a unicorn siberian or a footprint microbiological of the palm of a child playing in the street?

Great.guru has collected 25 photos so interesting that you’re not going to want to stop to look at them.

And for dessert we have prepared for you a gif great.

A NASA spacecraft leaves the atmosphere

How specifically calls this “the bird”, when it was built and what missions he took part in, can be read here.

A mother is a biologist (isn’t of more “biological”?) asked her son of 8 years who left an imprint of the palm of your hand in the Petri dish. After a couple of days, the printing press became this “beauty” made of bacteria and fungi

Tattoo perfectly preserved

To see the image in more detail, you can visit the website of the museum, where is stored this exhibit is unusual.

The sun illuminates the door at an angle so that the letter of the shade of the entry of the window is no longer in italics

It looks like the entire nervous system of a person, which was extracted by medical students in 1925. This work took them 1,500 hours

Venice bird’s-eye view

“My hand has 4 fingers and in the place of the thumb is the index finger”

Previously this restaurant was chinese, but recently became one mexican. Instead of repainting the canvas, the manager decided to add some hats to the pandas

Salt and pepper in a large increase

“My girlfriend found a bottle in the forest that became a florarium natural”

The cemetery is original from the 1800s, kept in the basement of a tall building that was built on it

You can see more photos and learn about the history of this place here.

The axe of the vikings before and after restoration

All the stones on the shore of lake Huron are of different colors

Huron is one of the Great Lakes of North America, located between united States and Canada.

“In the package of teddy bears I got a beaver”rubber

“It’s 15 years, I make my living fishing for lobsters, but until recently pesqué to this handsome!”

Lithops are plants that can be found in Namibia, south Africa and Botswana. In the process of evolution began to look like stones

“These lollipops for colds is melted in the car and now they look like shoes elf”

The size of the claws of a falcon in comparison with the fist of a man

The deposit of the American Museum of Natural History

You can get to know the main exhibits in the page museum.

“Today I found a mini-mandarin orange inside of a large tangerine”

So you see a tiger gold, which is even more seldom that a tiger albino

Here you can find more information about these representatives of the family of felines.

A surgeon medieval “repaired” this bone with a copper plate. This is how it looks.

Facilities tank destroyers of the Second World War, which became visible only recently, after the erosion of the soil. Newcastle, Australia

You can learn how they used these constructions in this site.

It is a “watch” ghost of mahogany hand-cut. The sculpture does not have a dial of the clock: shows the eternity in which time has no power

You can know more about the creator of this sculpture is unusual in this site.

Elasmotherium is a species of rhinoceros that lived on Earth for more than 29 a thousand years. Also they call them “Unicorns of Siberia”

More information about this beast prehistoric can be found here.

Bonus: a toy of feudal Japan. This tiger “comes to life” when it is blown by air.

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