If you look at these photos, you will understand how it is to live in the space

Life outside the planet Earth, on the space station, represents not only dreams and fantasies, but also everyday tasks real that we usually seem trivial and insignificant in our world, while in the space many of them require a major effort.

Great.guru investigated the details of the life of the crew space and you bring in this article.

1. Practically at home

The situation at the station is as close as possible to the ground: floor, walls and ceiling have their color as usual. Despite this, returning to the house, the astronauts take long to get back to get used to the fact that nothing will fly in the air, but fall to the floor under the influence of gravity.

2. What should I wear?

On the first flights, the crew members wore a space suit throughout the flight until landing. But, just began to stay longer in the space, the use of the special suit was limited only to the phases of coupling, output to the óribta or landing. The rest of the time, astronauts wear their regular clothing by holding it with hangers special to not slip.

3. Just a couple for the whole mission

The crew are not wearing shoes, only to do sports. So with a just pair them enough for any mission.

4. What to eat?

The food in the tubes that we all know already it is not fashionable. Today the crew eats dehydrated products previously. To prepare them you only need to add a bit of water. Each astronaut chooses its own menu and test it on the Ground before climbing. This includes a variety of dishes: pork, pepper, beef, chicken soup, juices and even ice cream or chocolate.

An interesting detail: the salt and pepper are made in the form of liquid so that the grains do not interfere with the breathing.

5. To bathe

Before, instead of showering, the crew used wet wipes and sponges. Today, the space station has a sauna special that represents a great sleeve in its lower part has a collection device from moisture and tools to fix the feet. The water that is used in this sauna is reusable.

6. Go to the bathroom

The management of the process of hygiene and bathroom is not easy and the same astronauts do not like to talk much about the subject. The water is reused and waste is divided into oxygen and water and send it to the closed cycle. In regard to the toilet, before they made them custom for each crew member, corresponded perfectly to each body, so that the fluid could not get out of there. Today, however, no longer use them. The station has two bathrooms that work like a vacuum cleaner. Each toilet of these cost around 19 million USD.

7. Difficult, but possible

Yes, you can make love in the space, although it is not certain. All thanks to the gravity, or better said, to the lack of the same. Where there are serious problems is with having descendants. Research and trials with chicks of quail showed that they could not eat or orient themselves in space. And those who survived in the station did not pass the test of the landing.

8. The pockets are useless

Previously astronauts had to keep small objects in the mouth, not to go flying. To make life easier created a system of special storage in front pockets that close with straps or velcro. The pockets that we use in normal life are absolutely useless in the space station.

9. Stockings with double bottom

In the process of work, the crew members tend to be attached with the feet against various protruding parts, and therefore suffer from many foot injuries. Because of this, the average most popular for going to space are the thick double-bottom in the plant.

10. How they sleep in space

The good news is that the crew snored on Earth, as it is not done in the space. However, sleeping on the space station also requires a little bit of effort. For example, it is absolutely necessary to tied with straps while you sleep in special bags. Once a crew member is not what he did, and floated up to an empty container that is closed after. You can imagine the surprise of his colleagues when they found him not when I wake up. Well, until he called them from the container.

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